How it works?

For every friend you refer to become a Wolt partner, we will add 50 EUR to your invoice and we will also add 30 EUR to your friend's earnings.💰

All they have to do is sign up with your referral code and complete 60 deliveries in 30 days from contract approval moment.

The referral code needs to be added in the application form.

How to keep track of your referrals?

If someone signs up with your code, we will share tips and reminders with you for how to help them complete the program. If your friend delivers the orders in time, the bonus payment will be added to your next invoice!

How can I share my code?

Find your referral code in Wolt Partner app section "support" --> "Referral program"

Valid applications are those that have been submitted starting from 03.11.2023

We are offering 24/7 delivery of orders to our customers in Riga.

Our customers have the opportunity to get their desired meals at any time but for you as Courier Partner have a lot of options and flexibility to earn when you like to come online.

We would also like to share with you the hot spots of Riga. These are the places with the highest concentration of restaurants and shops.

The more restaurants and/or shops near you, the more likely you are to get orders and maximise your income. It is a good idea to join in these areas and move towards them after deliveries have been made, thus maximising the number of delivery orders.

The Wolt Courier Partner App is showing the earnings for each task before you accept it or reject it . We want to make sure the earnings for each task take better into account the actual effort for a given task.

Payment and Pricing model

Wolt courier partners in Riga have their own Facebook group. You can find a lot of useful information there, so if you haven't joined yet, we recommend you do!

Please find a range of information that is relevant only to the city of Riga.

Wolt Heroes ''Facebook'' group

There is no any fixed price - each order is priced individually.

All about the Pricing model

Most active times for orders and earnings

$ - good time to earn, balanced order amount in the city

$$ - the order amount is growing as well as your earnings

$$$ -very active -  it's peak hour with very good earnings

$$$$ - most active, productive time with best earnings

N.B. The experience of our Courier Partners confirms that best earnings comes by balancing time with peak hours and time before or after them.