''Onsi'' insurance platform

As a Wolt Courier Partner, you have access to free accident insurance on the Onsi platform every time you make a delivery. If an accident occurs and you have been online in the Partner app (or within 30 minutes after being online).

1. Insurance adapted for you

Your insurance will cover the most common injuries such as dislocations and broken bones, as well as medical expenses, hospital stays, serious injuries and death.

Accident insurance is provided free of charge by Wolt, but it does not cover vehicle insurance. Please always make sure that your vehicle is in good technical condition and that you have an insurance for it.

2. Quick and easy applications

You can submit your application in minutes, without any lengthy forms or complicated requirements. Once your application is approved, the money will reach your account in just 5 days (or even sooner).

3. Comprehensive assistance

From help at any time of the day or night, to Q&A sessions to get to know your insurance in detail, the Onsi team is here to help.