How do payments of your fees work?

Payments are made for 4 cycle periods:

Income period 01 - 07 (payment within 7 days)

Income period 08 - 15 (payment within 7 days)

Income period 16 - 22 (payment within 7 days)

Income period 23 - end of the month (payment within 7 days)

The app "resets" the money balance on the 1st, 8th, 16th and 23rd day of the month to recalculate how much you will earn until the next payment 💸


Before we approve the payments we check the self-employment status for all Courier Partners with self-employed service agreement. The status has to be active no later than 1 day after the current payout cycle ends. Otherwise, we will be able to approve the payment along with the next payout cycle.

What are the rights and responsibilities of a Wolt Courier Partner?

Your responsibilities are set out in the courier partner cooperation agreement you signed with wolt. for example:

1. you are responsible for filing and paying all applicable local taxes.

2. you have to take care of your social security by yourself, such as pension and health insurance.

3. you are responsible for having the required permits and licenses and their renewal in case of expiration.

4. you are responsible for safeguarding the customer’s privacy.

5. you bear the financial risk of your own operations.

6. you are responsible for having sufficient insurance coverage.

Is it possible to do deliveries in multiple cities/countries as a Wolt Courier Partner?

If you move from one Wolt city to another, within the boundaries of the Wolt country you have signed up in, you simply need to inform Wolt’s support team, and you’ll be able to switch location to your new city.

If you’re moving from one Wolt country to another, you should sign up and participate in the Wolt Courier Partner onboarding of the specific country you wish to move to. This is because local rules and legislation, as well as Wolt operations, vary between different countries.

Which types of delivery vehicles can I use as a Wolt Courier Partner?

Wolt courier partner can deliver via:

1. bike

2 car

3. scooter

4. motorbike

5. e-vehicles

it is possible to switch between vehicle types. please contact wolt’s local support team, if you wish to do so.

What do I do if I’m in an accident?

Make sure you and any other people involved are alright.

Call the local emergency line, if there is a need for an ambulance or police.

The most important thing is the safety and well-being of you and anyone else involved. Once you are sure you and anyone else possibly involved is alright, contact Wolt support and they will help you figure out steps you need to take (e.g. notification to the insurance company).

Will Wolt pay for my parking/speeding ticket?

We expect all our suppliers to comply with all local legal requirements, including traffic and parking regulations. Wolt does not cover the costs of parking fines or speeding tickets.

What is a pickup note?

A pickup note contains all the information necessary for picking up an order at the restaurant. You receive the pickup note in the Partner App when accepting a pickup task.

The pickup note usually contains:

1. Notes from the restaurant: “Please wait outside until the order is marked ready.”

2. Checklist of the contents of your current order e.g: 2 burgers, 1 milkshake, 1 coca-cola zero.

3. The address for the given restaurant.

What is a drop-off note?

A ‘dropoff note’ is the notification you receive within the Partner App when accepting a dropoff task.

The dropoff note usually contains:

1. Notes from the customer: “My doorbell phone is out of order. Please call me when you get here.”

2. Notes regarding the contents of your current order e.g: 2 burgers, 1 milkshake, 1 coca-cola zero.

3. The delivery address of the customer.

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