Guide: How to clean your bag

As a Wolt courier-partner, you must ensure that the orders are delivered with a neat bag.

A clean bag is essential to ensure good food quality and service. So how effectively and how often should you maintain your bag?

The simplest answer is that your bag should be cleaned daily, before you start filling orders!

Only by keeping it clean after each delivery, removing food residues and leaving it open to dry, can you prevent the growth of bacteria in your basket!

Please find a short video below on how to clean and maintain your bag properly! You'll learn how to effectively carry out daily cleaning, get rid of stubborn stains and the surest way to prepare for spills on the go.

Here is what you will need

When fulfilling orders:

1. Hand sanitizer - you interact with a lot of people and touch a lot of door handles when delivering orders. To limit the spread of bacteria, it is a good idea to wash and disinfect your hands frequently.

2. Antibacterial wipes - wet wipes not only help with personal hygiene, but are also great for spills on the go. After all, you don't want an accident to stop you in the middle of a rush hour, so we recommend always keeping a pack of wet wipes in the side pocket of your Wolt bag.

When orders are completed:

1. Hot water

2. Soap

3. Clean cloths, or sponges if the outside of the bag is dirty.

You can wash your bag like any other hard surface at home, but don't forget to clean the handles, zippers and other parts of the bag that are touched often. After cleaning the bag, we recommend leaving it open (or partially open) so that it can air out when not in use.

Once the bag is clean, it is important to store it in a place where it will remain clean. The ideal place should be well ventilated, dry, protected from animals and pests and safe.