Get 100 euro in one day!

Some time ago you applied to become a Wolt Car Courier Partner - at that time you decided to postpone this idea. Or maybe you want to realize it now? It's Wolt's most active season of the year is currently, with the largest number of orders and the greatest profit opportunities for our courier partners. We will be happy if you get excited about this idea again!

Do not miss oportunity to get 100* euro in one day!

Become a Wolt Car Courier and get 100* euro till December 20!

*We have prepared a 50 euro start-up bonus for 15 completed deliveries if you decide to cooperate now! You can go for it from December 1!

So by completing 15 deliveries you will receive regular compensation (that is around 50 EUR)+ starting bonus 50 EUR.

What you need to do if you want to be a Wolt car Courier partner:

  • update your Wolt Partner app

  • fill out the application again in the app with the same data as the first time

  • within 24 hours, you will receive an invitation to learn the Courier Partner Intro course (it takes about 30 minutes)

  • after completing the course, start filling in the data in the Partner app

  • receive the Hellosign agreement in your email, fill it out and sign it

  • within the next 24 hours, you will receive our confirmation and invitation to order Wolt gear

  • start deliveries as gear is received.

  • at least 15 deliveries should be made by December 20 2022 and 50 euro bonus will be added to your earnings balance as soon as you complete 15 orders

Good luck and see you soon!