Payment model in Riga

Please find out more about Payment model in Riga.

The payment of each order consist of Base fee and Distance fee. The Payment model covers real driven distance to each of our Courier Partner.

Base fee covers in Riga :

First 1km from your location till merchant; picking the order; checking it and 1km towards customer

Distance fee:

For the distance you will drive after 1 km

Distance fee 0.04 EUR per each 0.1 km

To calculate your Distance fee - our system is taking into considerations the most optimal real driven road.

Base fee & increased Base fees

Base fee is 2.5 euro, but therea re different hours per week whe the increased base fee is active. You will earn such Base fee amount which was active at the moment you accepted the order.

Always actively follow Wolt news and be the first to know about any changes to ensure the possibility of a higher income!

Bundle orders help to make deliveries more efficient and thus generate more revenue.

Bundled orders mean that several orders can be combined into one. You get more earnings by delivering more orders in less time.

When delivering bundled orders, you get separate base payments and the distance payment is based on the distance travelled from your location to each pick-up and delivery point.

Possibility of delivering large orders

Large orders are those whose value exceeds 80 euros excluding delivery fees. Since many large orders are delivered to offices during working hours, we invite those Courier partners who have chosen order deliveries as their main job to apply for deliveries of large orders. This option is suitable for auto courier partners, as additional bags are needed for transporting such large orders. Of course, this also means a longer delivery time, but for each such delivered order, the Large Order Courier receives a 3 euro in addition to the Basic fee.

Tips left by customers

Customers can tip you directly in cash.

Customers also have the option to leave a tip via the app by specifying the amount they wish to tip. 100% of the tips that customers can leave in cash and via the app are available to you!