September Newsletter

  • Please remember to close your delivery bags properly when delivering food, as even on a xot summer day food cools down quickly, but especially in autumn-winter

  • Have you already booked a tyre change for your car?

  • If you are cycling and bad weather does not stop you from making deliveries - please remember that you need to be highly visible to keep yourself and others safe during this dark season.

  • Warmer winter jackets and winter hats - beenies will be available to order from November.

  • If you want to change your vehicle from bike/moto to car, you need to request a change of the gear. Do it via Partner app. The bike bag is not intended for delivering orders in the car.

  • At the end of October, we change to winter time in Latvia on the night of 28-29 October. Don't miss it!

Exciting News: Introducing Post-Order Tipping for Wolt Couriers-Partners!

We continue with the exciting news - soon Ikšķile will appear on the Wolt map at the end of October, and Adaži in November!

Orders from Ikskile will be added to those from Ogre - so Ogre Partners will definitely see an increase in orders. If you want to work in Ogre - contact the Support team to change teams.

The Adazi team, like Salaspils, will be able to change teams in the Partner app between Riga, Adazi and Salaspils.

This is a great cooperation opportunity for everyone! Do you have friends in these cities who would also like to supplement their monthly income the same way you do - by making deliveries with Wolt? Tell your friends and acquaintances to apply!

Income periods and payout dates for November

New cities on the Wolt Platform!

The busy autumn and winter are just around the corner! Are you ready?!

Just when it seemed that nature was just beginning to turn autumn gold, the weather forecast is trying to convince us of the first sub-zero temperatures and snow... It is, of course, the best time for orders, because that's when most of them come in, but are you ready for this season?

Have a great Autumn season and see you soon!

Post-Order Tipping is a simple, convenient, and heartfelt way for customers to express their gratitude to our dedicated Wolt couriers. It allows them to tip their couriers after the delivery has been completed, providing a more personalized and immediate way to recognize exceptional service.

How Post-Order Tipping Works:

You can make a difference in somebody's day

Your interactions with customers have the potential to create lasting impressions. By delivering exceptional service, you have the opportunity to brighten someone's day and make a positive impact on their lives.

  • After receiving their order, customers will have the option to tip their courier-partner within 24 hours of the delivery.

  • Tipping is entirely voluntary, and the amount is chosen by the customer based on their satisfaction with the service. Please note however that you should never ask customers to leave a tip after the delivery!

  • Our couriers-partners will receive 100% of the tips they earn, providing an immediate financial boost for their hard work. We are committed to ensuring that Post-Order Tipping is a fair and transparent system

Income period 01.11. - 07.11. (payout until 10.11)

Income period 08.11. - 15.11. (payout until 20.11)

Income period 16.11. - 22.11. (payout until 27.11)

Income period 23.11. - 30.11. (payout until 05.12)

* Payment time also depends on your bank's processing time for incoming payments.

To receive a payment, you must have an active self-employed status or a company contract with Wolt.