Delivery modes

What delivery modes are available to Wolt courier partners?

In the Wolt Courier-Partner App, you can choose between two different order delivery modes: ''Single'' order mode or ''Bundle'' order mode. How to choose one of these modes:

How does the bundle order mode works?

Being in bundle mode, you can receive several orders one after the other. In this mode, the system will have the ability to add orders from one or more merchants to deliver them in one direction. That's how you save your time and resources.

Upon receiving the order, you have the opportunity to see the delivery addresses of the order and decide whether you want to accept it. In the undle mode, you can cancel the order, similarly to the single order mode. The only difference is that in the single order mode, the application has a button to cancel the order by pressing it, while in the bundle mode, you have to wait up to 60 seconds and the order will disappear by itself.

Please remember that you can cancel the order only if you have not yet accepted it. You can pre-schedule/pre-select the time when you want the app to stop offering tasks and automatically log you out

How does single delivery mode works?

Being in single order mode You will always receive only one order. The system will not offer you bundle orders. When receiving an order, you always have the option to accept it or not.

In the single order mode, the application has a button to cancel the order. This mode gives you the largest and easiest options, but orders in this mode will consume more of your time and resources, which can affect your earnning potential.

Please note that when you are in single order mode, you do not have the option to schedule an automatic disconnection from the platform at a certain time.