March Newsletter

Easter at the end of March

This year we will celebrate Easter early - at the end of March and it may even be snowing, but this holiday is a sign of spring's full arrival. Easter is a harmonious family holiday. It's hard to promise a dizzying amount of orders for this celebration, but it's true that Wolt's services help to make every celebration even more enjoyable. We are delighted to join you in making our customers happy! 🌞

Your data, your insights 💫

We are happy to share a new feature in your partner app – the Insights Tab! Offering more insights to you about your deliveries will help you to understand how to use the platform better to elevate your earnings. Here you can follow your task acceptance rate, which is the ratio between the number of tasks you accepted and the total number of tasks you were offered.The Insights are personalized for you with recommendations that you can follow if you want to - your choice!

Sharing accounts 🙅

We have received concerning amount of cases, where some couriers are using multiple devices or sharing/selling their accounts to third parties or in between other couriers. Here is a very important reminder:

You can only use your account for yourself! It is to ensure data safety as well as quality on delivering.

Using multiple devices over a reasonable time is not forbidden, as we understand equipment wears out or breaks. However, if we see there has been too many device switches, this leads us to suspect and active account sharing is present. DO NOT switch devices unless it is absolutely necessary. Make sure the device you are working with is operative and will serve you for a long time.

Not following these leads and sharing your account will lead to an eventual termination as we take GDPR very seriously to protect all parties involved 👮


Seasonality is a feature of both nature and business. In the Wolt business, this is particularly noticeable. Partners who have been with us for several seasons will definitely agree with it, but if this is your first spring with Wolt, it is especially worth it to find out how seasonality affects us and how you can use it to your business advantage.

The closer to spring, the more and more customers rush to enjoy the great weather in the city and, of course, outside it. Many restaurants open terraces and the enjoyment of a delicious meal often moves from the home-delivered to one of the terraces. Quite frankly - it undeniably introduces corrections in the volume of orders. The best ally of our business is the worst weather conditions and the darkest months of the year - and yet even in good weather our business is successful.

To balance the number of orders for our Courier Partners, we slow down or even stop recruiting new Courier Partners every spring. Our teams are working hard to attract new customers, merchants and services to the platform. All of this ensures a successful partnership for your deliveries.

Remember that customer habits tend to change in the warm season like:

Dinner time and consequently peak hours move to later hours;

On weekends, breakfast starts earlier so that customers can take advantage of the nice time out;

Thursdays become "little Fridays";

Fridays continue to be the strongest day;

But Sunday evenings are very busy, when clients return home from out-of-town activities.

You can always follow the activity in the city in Wolt Partner app!.

If you get a message that there are a lot of orders in your city, don't delay and go online right away.

Have a wonderful Spring! Summer is not far away either - plan a rest to recharge your batteries and prepare for the Wolt busiest season of the year!

March tips

  • Thank you for taking part in our surveys and studies - your opinion, thoughts and suggestions help us all to succeed together. We have sent out the Spring Courier Partner Survey - we would love to hear from you!

  • Please keep your phone and Partner app updated that you can always enjoy the latest app version and is essential to avoid bugs

  • Follow that GPS settings are correct - if GPS settings are not correct and the GPS tracking is not allowed at all times, you might lose the orders because the app does not “see you”.